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Wednesday, 27/03/211
Wednesday, 24/01/2007 Stuart Soho somewhere
Monday, 05/02/2007 Bruce Glass Blower 7pm
Wednesday, 28/02/2007 Duncan Jackson 07:30 for 8. Bruce on leave from 23/02 to 09/03.
Flerd being gay can't attend 28/02.
Thursday, 29/03/2007 Mark Ealing Duncan's house should be nearly finished so an ideal time to go around and break it !

I think you have the wrong year - Duncan's house won't be ready until 2023 (with a fair wind).
Thursday, 31/05/2007 Ham Amersham Accommodation at 7 Quarrendon Road
Thursday, 28/06/2007 Karl Wellington Baaaaaah ....etc etc Flerd on holiday 25th June to 6th July
Thursday, 26/07/2007 Mike The Gaylord..!
The Gaylord - Queens Road Weybridge is great - but guessing not very convenient, so alternatively - The Laguna,West Ealing, My Fave!!
Thursday, 30/08/2007 Stuart West London Flerd on leave until 02/09
Thursday, 27/09/2007 Duncan Inverness-by-sea
(Jockland, Home of the All Blues)
Thursday, 25/10/2007 Mark Ealing Cottage W13 7.30 meet at Baroque 94 Uxbridge Road To avoid fines please bring the following items Bruce/Karl - item of pink clothing Duncan/Stu - item of green clothing Ham/Mike - item of yellow clothing
Thursday, 29/11/2007 Bruce WestFerry XMAS DO. Bengal Classic, not sure about where for the beer before though....
Thursday, 31/01/2008 Ham TBC
Thursday, 28/02/2008 Karl Ealing Request from Flerd for this to be Ealing, so I can get back to help with childcare!
Thursday, 27/03/2008 Mike
Thursday, 24/04/2008 Stuart ?? ??
Thursday, 29/05/2008 Duncan Ealing
Thursday, 26/06/2008 Mark Ealing
Thursday, 31/07/2008 Mark Ealing Guys, I think this gets us back to the correct order.
Thursday, 28/08/2008 Ham
Thursday, 18/09/2008 Ham TBA Date moved to 18/9/08 as agreed on 28/8/08
Thursday, 30/10/2008 Karl The Gay kiwi needs to choose a venue
Thursday, 11/12/2008 Mike Suggested change of date as we usually combine the December and November events. It was agreed at the last ECC, that we would all try and attend the varsity game at Twickers on the 11th, meet for breakfast at 10am :) Flerdy, to try and source some tickets otherwise we will buy on the day :) can't make it :( skiing Bruce
Thursday, 29/01/2009 Stu need date change going skiing again :) bruce
Thursday, 26/02/2009 Duncan Ealing
Thursday, 26/03/2009 Bruce
Thursday, 23/04/2009 Mark Ealing Proposed Change from the 30th:)
Wednesday, 10/06/2009 Ham Ealing Moved to 10th June due to Ham's Holiday and also to catch Sharks v Lions game KO 6.10pm BST

Ham on holiday 14 May to 7 June.
Thursday, 25/06/2009 Karl TBC Should we nominate a new chairman now as Karl will be too busy? Fantastic idea. Karl to resign for poor performance.
Thursday, 30/07/2009 Mike TBC Flerd on Holiday 24th - 31st
Thursday, 27/08/2009 Stu TBC Can we move this a week either way please? Thanks. Ham
Thursday, 24/09/2009 Duncan Ealing Bruce; In NZ from the 4th to 30th Sept.
Thursday, 29/10/2009 Bruce TBC
Thursday, 10/12/2009 Mark Twickenham Joint November and December event, shall we do the Varsity Game again?

Yes lets!!
Thursday, 28/01/2010 Ham TBC
Thursday, 25/02/2010 Karl and his cardy TBC
Thursday, 25/03/2010 Mikey
Thursday, 29/04/2010 Stuart
Thursday, 27/05/2010 Duncan
Thursday, 24/06/2010 Bruce Can we move this a week later? This is the night before the Classic Quarter.
Thursday, 29/07/2010 Mark Ealing Jacksons for 7.30pm Table booked for 8.30pm
Thursday, 02/09/2010 Ham Suggesting we move this to 1st week in September.
Stu can't make it.
Thursday, 30/09/2010 Karl Does he know he's the chairman? Very Unlikley!
Thursday, 21/10/2010 Mike Stu asking for 21st. Moved for now but can move back if needed.
Thursday, 25/11/2010 Stuart
Thursday, 09/12/2010 Flerd Varsity Game Box booked for 7 (everyone apart from Karl), lunch 12pm (TBC) 2pm kick off. Karl, will try and sort you a place nearer the time if you change your mind.
Saturday, 25/12/2010 Duncan Duncan, whats the plan? Xmas at yours?
Happy to do new years curry at mine ... if you want. Cheers. Ham.
Thursday, 27/01/2011 Bruce
Thursday, 24/02/2011 Ham
Thursday, 31/03/2011 Karl
Thursday, 28/04/2011 Jim
Thursday, 26/05/2011 Mike
Thursday, 30/06/2011 Stu
Thursday, 28/07/2011 Flerd
Thursday, 25/08/2011 Duncan
Thursday, 29/09/2011 Bruce
Thursday, 27/10/2011 Ham
Thursday, 24/11/2011 Karl
Thursday, 08/12/2011 Flerd Twickenham Varsity Match
Thursday, 22/12/2011 Jim
Thursday, 26/01/2012 Mike TBC
Thursday, 23/02/2012 Stu
Thursday, 29/03/2012 Flerd Ealing
Thursday, 26/04/2012 Duncan
Thursday, 31/05/2012 Bruce 43 The Broadway, London, W5 5JN North Star for 19:30 one of the Monty's for 20:30
Thursday, 28/06/2012 Ham
Thursday, 26/07/2012 Karl
Thursday, 30/08/2012 Jim
Thursday, 27/09/2012 Mike
Thursday, 25/10/2012 Stu
Sunday, 28/10/2012 Karl
Thursday, 29/11/2012 Duncan
Thursday, 13/12/2012 Flerd Twickenham Varsity Match
Thursday, 31/01/2013 Bruce TBA
Thursday, 28/02/2013 Karl TBA
Thursday, 28/03/2013 Jim TBA
Thursday, 25/04/2013 Mike
Thursday, 23/05/2013 Stu
Thursday, 27/06/2013 Duncan
Thursday, 25/07/2013 Flerd
Thursday, 29/08/2013 Ham Stuart's palace Amersham
Thursday, 26/09/2013 Bruce
Thursday, 31/10/2013 Karl
Thursday, 28/11/2013 Jim
Thursday, 12/12/2013 Varsity Game ECC Christmas Party